JDP ft. Vic Spencer & D2G – Chapter 3 (Official Video)

The official video for “Chapter 3” ft. Vic Spencer & D2G off of JDP’s latest mixtape, The Legend of Good Foot Jones.


Generation Y=Monogamy-less?

There have been a lot of epiphanies by Generation Y recently, about our love lives…”Monogamy and Marriage is dead”.  For those of us born between the mid-80’s and early 2000’s, our love lives have been…shitty…for lack of a better word.

In earlier generations, you become of dating age and begin to search for your mate.  This didn’t mean settling for the first person to come your way, but it was always a thought in the back of your mind that you needed to find a mate, get married, and start a family.  You realized that life was bigger than you, and you were willing to work for your family life.  And, most importantly, they weren’t afraid of their emotions. If a man cared about a woman, he wanted her to himself, and wasnt afraid to profess his feelings.

Today, it’s the total opposite.  Our generation is the KING of, “it is what it is” relationships.  We can have all the feelings in the world, but the idea of monogamy makes us cringe.  We just love doing whatever we want, and if we get in a relationship, we can’t smash that cutie from the club tomorrow. Or hoe it out in Miami next month.  We end up having these emotional ties into multiple people at a time, almost like having multiple relationships…but its only multiple because “the one” wont commit. Then, we have a group of people that we play games with.  We’ll lie to them to get what we want and to gain THE POWER.  Our generation is full of the selfish. This is like a nationwide game we’re all playing.

The interesting part, is that on Twitter and Facebook we all complain!! Do you know how many “The single life is for the birds” tweets I see everyday?!?!!

So…what does this mean for our future? A couple of things, actually.  

First, there will be a lot of single parents (as though we need more).  See, while getting caught up in those few you really care about, you will stop using condoms, thus getting pregnant…either on purpose or not.  And despite popular belief, that will not cause a relationship. It will cause anger and pain that hopefully doesnt transfer to the baby.

Then, everyone will become bitter.  At a certain point, when you keep putting your all into a person and don’t get reciprocity, you get on “fuck the world” mode.  Which isnt cute, btw. And it damages you for the time when a relationship will actually come.

Both of these outcomes=fail.

I wonder if our generation knows that they’re interfering with their future.  When they’re 40 and decide FINALLY they want to settle down, they’re not even going to know how to me monogamous.  Not to mention the potential 1-2 baby mama’s/daddy’s in the situation.  But if they want to live their entire live like they’re 20, then do you, boo boo.

Sidenote-Excuse my bluntness, but men and women of my generation have all become hoes* and groupies**.  We can’t blame lack of committment on that aspect, because that’s what we all have evolved to. We must adapt.

I’m not sure if I believe in blaming media for the actions of the masses, buuuttttt. I’m starting to consider it. Let me know your thoughts.  

*hoe-a promiscuous person

**groupie-The individual, or group of people, involved in obsessive adoration of entertainers such as musicians, actors, athletes, personalities, and even political figures. Behaviors are juvenile and influenced oftentimes by crush-like emotions or lustful sentiments, and often infringe the rights of the figure experiencing the attentions of a frenzied fanatic.

Source: http://www.UrbanDictionary.com

Avrey Smith- “Inked Up” Video Release & Party

Noivak Music artist Avrey Smith had a video release party in Chicago for his single, “Inked Up”.  If you don’t know who he is yet, you definitely need to do your research and get put on.  He’s one of Chicago’s hottest R&B artists right now, and has gained much recognition after performing twice on 106 and Park. There were many Chicago industry professionals in the building including Willie Taylor from Day 26, UB Rodriguez from WGCI, Sean Rush of Kiss Magazine, and DJ Protege spinning.

Make sure you go to www.AvreySmithMusic.com to check him out, and follow him on Twitter @AvreySmithMusic.

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Photos by King Vision Photography

Troy Davis Case- A Question of Democracy, Civil Liberties,Humanity and Utilitarianism

After the media frenzy surrounding this story, there was no way I couldn’t speak on it.  My first reaction after learning the facts of this story was, “Wow, is this America?”.  Now, I don’t have the ability to say that Troy Davis did or did not commit a crime, but I do know that he was not given certain rights that he deserved, as an American. I decided to look further into some of the rights that we, as Americans, feel like we have, according to our constitution. And, I found something pretty disturbing.  “Innocent until proven guilty” is NOT in The Constitution of the United States. What IS stated is that every American has the legal right to a speedy and public trial, impartial jury, notice of charges, confronting and calling witnesses, and the right to an attorney.  It is important to know your rights, because the legal system HAS and WILL take advantage of those who don’t know what they deserve.

With that being said, it gives us a totally different look on our seemingly democratic lives.  We get information shoved down our throats about how important our voices are, and when we get together and speak out for a cause, it gets ignored. Why?? Lets not talk about race yet, we’ll get to that later. But I have a clue as to why.  As I child of politics, my father and uncle always tried to help me think like “the man”.  They wanted me to be aware of how the world REALLY worked.  I learned why so many possibly innocent people have entire legal systems against them, pinning them to a crime.  I was taught that the government wants to make THE PEOPLE feel better by showing they are putting away criminals. People actually feel safer knowing that a person associated to a certain crime is put behind bars, even if they aren’t necessarily guilty.  It’s weird that the U.S. government has such underlying utilitarian values.  Is the good of all truly better than the good of one person?? I guess that’s a matter of opinion.   

Only a hand full of people know what really happened that day, and with all the reasonable doubt, why wasnt a retrial granted? That would have obviously been the FAIR choice. So that’s where we bring race into this. The victim was a white cop, the defendant was a black man. They are in Georgia. Of course prejudice is real!!  Now, I know most of us are aware  that the south is still far behind on civil rights for EVERYONE. In situations like this we can either follow the rules, or change them. We have the choice of becoming lawmakers, attorneys, journalists, activists, speakers, or even protesters, to help bring the south up to speed. OR, we can come to terms with the  fact that racism is real and mold our lives around it. We can stay away from all things south of here, because we understand how it is.  One of our big mistakes was thinking that life is fair. We can’t stand still and complain.

The last point I want to talk about is people who tweeted/blogged about the black community needing change, remember it starts with yourself.  You lose your voice when you’re part of the PROBLEM.  If you have multiple baby mamas/daddys, you’re not helping.  If you continue to  not use condoms and make the black STD rate rise, you’re part of the problem.  Youre still selling drugs to  young children, you’re part of the problem.

I know personally, I’d consider myself a person and an American before being black, white, man, women, Catholic, atheist, etc. And, as a person and as an American I’m embarrassed.  Whether you believe in his guilt or innocence, the death penalty or not, you must admit this was an un-American process.

Remember to stay informed. And if you stand for nothing, youll fall for anything,

Spark vs. Comfort

We’ve been told that when we meet the one we’re “supposed” to be with, we’ll KNOW.  We hear stories or watch movies about this spark that happens when you’re with “the one”.  The butterflies in your stomach, the excitement, anticipating the unknown. It’s a tingle that everyone should experience at least once. I’m going go call this the liberal side of love, it’s when we lead with our emotions.

On right-wing side of things, I was once told that you should marry someone who you can see yourself KNOWING youre entire life.  This has to do with comfort, stability, being able to successfully sustain a life with someone.  It’s hard to find someone on the same life path as you, with the same values, morals, and ideals, so when you do and you know you would be a well-oiled machine together, that can be so beautiful. This is the logical side of things, using your mind to make good choices.   

The problem is, you can’t have both.  Part of what makes a spark, a spark, is that there is an unknown aspect to it.  Sometimes you can’t even explain why the spark is there in the first place, you just know it’s what you feel. We know about people who marry for the comfort and cheating with the spark. And, people who marry the spark, and divorce for the lack of stability, emotional or otherwise.

What are you willing to sacrifice for your marriage? Is there a right or wrong answer to which causes successful marriages and relationships?

Would You REALLY Let Your “Loose” Friend Around Your Boo, Though?

It’s safe to say, if I’m your friend, I know your personality traits and how you maneuver through certain situations. With that being said, if anyone knows how much of a hoe your friend is, IT’S YOU! Nothing is wrong with having hoe friends, what one does with their sexual life doesn’t define them. So, if you bring a hoe friend around your man/woman, should you worry? Does a hoe put aside who they are, for friendship?

We’ve all experienced or heard about someone smashing their friends significant other, and you probably COULDN’T BELIEVE they would do that…even though that IS who they are. Your girl just cant help but always flirt, and that flirting leads to fucking. ALWAYS. Or your guy that thinks he’s Mandingo and can’t control his animalistic urges. ALWAYS.

This is a tricky subject, but the answer to this question is, “NO”. Don’t bring them around your man/woman. And that’s all. There’s no reason to side-eye them when they’re around each other, or when they tweet your boo. Keep is simple and cute, avoid that situation all together. I’m all for NOT setting yourself up for failure. And as much as you wanna trust your friend and your friendship, people are going to be them, it’s not situational.  Yes, you should definitely have trust in your mate!! But, like I said, why even put yourself in that situation.  That’s like putting Cookie Monster in a room full of cookies saying, “You better not touch that shit”, I mean, yeah he can do it, but why take that risk? 

In cases where they are forced to meet and be around each other, throw another friend in the mix. Ya know, just in case.  If Karrine was your friend, would you let your man chill with her while you make a run?