As I get older, I realize that I have a bit of a condition I tried to suppress: Black Woman Attitude Syndrome. You know, that whole, unreasonable, impatient, snappy, on edge, neck-rolling attitude that you see in Black girls that makes you say, “Whoa! Shes doing the most”. Yeah…that. It’s almost like the more I try to chill, the more my chill switch breaks. We can’t be born this way, so what happened?

My theory is that the Black woman’s attitude and the Black man’s mentality are parallel. Meaning, with the way Black men handle life, relationships, families, etc. has caused Black women’s attitudes; and Black women’s attitude has caused the Black man’s life mentality.

When I talk about the Black man’s life mentality, I’m referring to the following: Rising numbers of unwed mothers, Infatuation with women of other races, “It it what it is” over commitment, Women being called bitches & hoes…(when the woman ISN’T a bitch or a hoe).

Y’all know I’m a realist.  I’m not angry at Black men or the way they think, and honestly, I don’t blame those that want to be with a White girl because they don’t have to deal with Black Woman Attitude Syndrome.  Hell, I’d probably be on that train with you. BUT, now I’m asking which came first? The Mentality or The Attitude? The Chicken or The Egg?  

I’ve dated White men, and I can truthfully say how they treat me reflects how I treat them.  They’re more chivalrous, respectful, and thoughtful, which I appreciate……BUT I LOVE ME A BLACK MAN! Let the church say, TRUUUU!!

Just consider this before you think the opposite sex is an extra headache that you could do without: Its been said that assimilation is the biggest downfall of African-American culture.

Word up.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I’m TOTALLY down for the swirl! Shit, I wouldn’t be here without some swirling. But, do it for the right reasons.