Let me start by apologizing for the personal references that will be made in this post. That’s not really my thing, but I thought it was necessary today…so stfu and deal : ) I created the concept of a #DouchebagCuntWhore while reflecting on why my personal life was going the way it was going.  Every person at a certain point in their maturity needs to understand why they lack clarity, stability, and peace of mind. And so, #DouchebagCuntWhore was born.  What the fuck does that mean, you ask? Well, buckle up…

#DouchebagCuntWhore is that bottom point you reach in your life before you can truly progress.  Like, that ending point of childhood that you need to reach before you can fully embrace adulthood.  I wouldn’t necessarily say a rock bottom in your personal life, but damn near.  When you realize that you play a part in why you have all the fuckery going on with your family, love life, friendships, pointless drama, and so on…

DOUCHEBAG: A douchebag is someone who is an asshole on an entire different level.  Someone that literally doesn’t give a fuck about what they say or do or other people’s feelings, but not in a mean way.  Douchebags typically just live how they want and if you so happen to dislike it, they give negative fucks.  They normally think very, VERY highly of themselves.

CUNT: Many people don’t know the real meaning behind the Western usage of the word cunt, but it refers to a person that is mean and spiteful. And you can sprinkle a little conceited in there too.

WHORE: Well…we all know what a whore is.

More than likely, these things or a variation of them are traits you have that led you to this place of reflection.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but just think about them for a minute.  I bet #DouchebagCuntWhore has to do with said problems mentioned earlier.  It takes a strong person to admit these things about themselves, but I think this is one of those things that separate boys from men.  You know those women that are #DouchebagCuntWhores at 30?? That is not hot. At all.

Anyway, this post is to tell you that having that #DouchebagCuntWhore point in your life doesn’t last forever, it gets better if you admit it. Then you can fix it and start acting out how you really feel in your heart instead of the ratchett actions that just slip out.

Real nigga what’s up?

Any questions on #DouchbagCuntWhore, feel free to ask!