So, here’s the thing.  Men are from Mars, women are from Venus…whatever that means. But, apparently that’s why we perceive life and relationships so differently.  I have a plethora of single friends and 9 out of 10 of them have the same problem:  They play the girlfriend role & have girlfriend feelings, but can’t get their man to commit.  Women obsess over this tittle and men look at it as, “Eh, I’ll get around to it”.  I’ll tell you right now, it’s not so much the title, but the enTITLEment.  Here’s a list of reason women will  force that title down your throat:  

*Warning, some reasons may be a little petty, but such is life.

  • If you know the game, you know that you really can’t ask a man about his whereabouts with other women.  All you can do is sit and wonder because nothing is more uncool than a women that isn’t TECHNICALLY “yours” asking about another woman.  We want to be able to ask, and you need to be a girlfriend for that.
  • We want loyalty! If we’re having a bad day and want to be held, we should be able to call you and know you’re going to be there. But without that title, she can’t even be mad if you don’t come!! “So, you not gone come? *Drake voice*”
  • I WANNA @ YOU, B!!! Yo, it’s so frustrating tweeting about how happy this man makes you and the things you want to do for him but since we’re not together I can’t @ you without looking thirsty or like a headass.  If I’m your girlfriend, I can @ you!  Or even be able to say your name in public without worrying that it will come back to you like im telling your business. Girlfriends are your business!
  • You aren’t obligated to anything. Um…no.  If I treat you like my man 364 days out the year and you accept it, but don’t feel obligated to be my Valentine, there’s a problem.  Having that title gives both parties obligations so no one has to wonder what they deserve out of the relationship.
  • I can’t get an attitude about that bitch I don’t like texting you! First of all, I don’t like her so that’s strike one. Second, even though I’d never tell a man to stop texting someone, I want to be able to have the right to complain about it.
  • I don’t have to worry about you only wanting me for my cookies.  That’s a huge fear women have allllllll the time.  We don’t mind being sexual with someone we want to be in a relationship with; but, sometimes we might hold back out of fear.  Men have a history of lying and faking entire relationships just for some vag, and we keep that in mind.  If we were in a relationship you could get all the smushing you want, any and everywhere, with no hesitation.
  • Being able to utter the words, “My Man” without looking like a headass.
  • She really wants you in her life for the long run, but you cant get there, or even get to that conversation until you’re in a relationship.  People can have these “it is what it is” relationships for over a year without realizing that your feelings can be through the roof by this time.  Feelings don’t go away just because the title isn’t there.

The struggle most definitely is real.  But THIS is why women want you to make that move. So, take the initiative or move on because the in between aint the move.