Infidelity for men has become somewhat accepted in our society.  But when it comes to women, of course, its a double standard.  If a woman cheats on her man, she’s judged more harshly and gets less chances to redeem herself. But why is this? Cheating is cheating, right?

Well. I’m a firm believer in trusting someone to be who they are. For decades we’ve called men dogs, and some even welcome the label with open arms.  Now, let’s think about this. Dogs piss on fire hydrants to mark their territory, and even when they leave they can always come back and smell their piss on the hydrant. If another dog pisses on his hydrant, he’s gonna find a new one to piss on. You know why? Because he doesn’t want anyone else to have ownership for something he already claimed.

In this case, the hydrant is the woman, and the piss represents semen. And there we have it.  That’s exactly why cheating perceived differently for men and women.  Until women want to claim the label as a dog (which we CLEARLY don’t because we totally denounce being called a bitch), the shit will be different.

I’m definitely not saying men should go around pissing on a new hydrant every time another dog is caught sniffing around. But, I’m putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Cant get mad when you know the game. Remember that.