Have you been watching MTV’s Guy Code? It’s a pretty informative show for women, I must say.  Listening to a man is way smarter than always listening to your girlfriends. During a talk with one of my male friends I was put up on game that I wanna share with you. I was told that in MOST cases, the 3rd time you have sex with someone is when you start to have feelings for them. Women AND men get feelings at this point. So, apparently, if a man only has sex with you twice, it’s because he knows the next time will come with some extra stuff that he either doesn’t want, or isn’t ready for. I know it sounds a little silly at first, but then I started to look at my own dating history and it was pretty much true. That THIRD time is the kicker. The time when you think that it could go further than “it is what it is”. It’s a very interesting concept. Now, with this information ladies and gents, you can go forth and be the master of your emotions. If you don’t want anything more, you can go with the two-hitter-quitter and attempt to avoid all the dramatics. You have any “Third Time’s a Charm” stories? Dont be afraid to share!